Program guide

Welcome to 1:27 Rewards! We’ve done our best to compile a comprehensive overview of the program, with drilled-down answers to any questions you may have. If for any reason you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, you can always contact our customer service representatives. Okay, let’s jump right in!


Every day you shop our stores or online, you’ll be able to earn rewards. They’ll appear in your email within 48 hours of each transaction you make with us. Everyone loves a great offer, right?! Our goal is to send only the offers that will make you smile the biggest. One way you can help us do this is by completing your profile. (If you didn’t complete it when you initially created your account, you can return at any time by clicking here. It’s super helpful for us and you’ll be glad you did!) In addition to the rewards you receive after shopping with us, the dollar amount of your purchases will also add up to an additional reward that we’ll talk about in a minute. Remember, you can always track your account activity in the “My Account” section of this site.

To make sure your purchases are counted toward earning rewards, simply present your 1:27 Rewards card before checking out at our stores. For purchases at, your rewards will be applied to your account automatically. However, purchases made via guest checkout will not count towards your 1:27 Rewards points. Please login as a returning customer or create a new account.

Okay, now let’s talk about that additional reward we just mentioned. Once you’ve reached $127 in purchases within a one-year period, you’ll earn a special Ripple reward. The Ripple will be in the amount of $6.35, which is 5% of your $127 spent. This reward will arrive in your email and 1:27 Rewards account just like the others, but you’ll have a few options in the way you redeem it. You can:

  1. Apply the amount toward a future purchase to save even more
  2. Donate the amount to Family Christian Ministries at checkout
  3. Opt for a combination of the two: redeem a portion on your purchase and donate the rest to help orphans and widows through Family Christian Ministries

And the best part? There’s no limit to the number of times you can receive a Ripple reward within a year. Every time you reach $127 in purchases, you’ll receive another Ripple. (Why “127”?) Think of all the saving and sharing you can do!

To keep these 2 types of rewards straight, imagine for a second that the 1:27 Rewards program is a pond. Picture your rewards as a stone skipping across the surface of the water. They pop up after every day you shop. Then beneath the bouncing stone, there’s a still surface of water: that is the accruing of your dollars toward a Ripple reward. (Why a Ripple? Click here to find out.)


When you receive an email with a reward you’d like to redeem, jot down the redemption code listed in the email for use at checkout online or print the email out for in-store use. (You can also refer to your 1:27 Rewards account online to view or print your code.) If you’re shopping in one of our stores, simply present your printed coupon or pull the email up on your smart phone and show the sales associate your code before checking out. If you’re shopping at, fill your cart then proceed to checkout. When you get to the payment screen, type in your coupon code and the savings will be applied.

Tracking toward your Ripple reward is simple and easy. Simply log into “My Account.” Once you’ve crossed the $127 threshold and are preparing to redeem your Ripple, you will have the option to create a coupon for use on a purchase, donate your reward to Family Christian Ministries, or a combination of the two.

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